Around the Horn, Brought to you by Hockey Candy

-Cheesy chain Buca Di Beppo closing down. Nice work, Philly! But let’s don’t stop there. Now let’s run the Olive Garden out of town. (But not Applebee’s of course. Those poppers are amazing. And porterhouse steak topped with melted cheese? Brilliant.)

-More Trivia Art, this time in the Metro.

-Mitch Williams to AJ Daulerio of the Phillymag blog: Keep Curt Schilling away from this team.

-Yesterday I posted that things were going from bad to worse in Atlanta: First Joey Harrington, then TI, then the water shortage. Well, finally some good news: they’re getting a WNBA team!!!

-The rankings are in, and the toolbags who fill out polls for Travel and Leisure have spoken. Philly sucks at pretty much everything, which is great. That means the squares who fill out these polls and their friends will stay away. Perfect. Oh, and we were the ugliest out of 25 cities. Um, hello. That’s exactly why I moved here. In the land of trolls, I look like a prince.