Around the Horn, brought to you by Grover Cleveland

-Rush Limbaugh calls soldiers who don’t support the war “phony soldiers”. What does that make people who get out of fighting because they have a cyst on their ass?

Alyssa Milano says she’s done dating athletes, I have not played organized sports since I was 18; she was on “Who’s the Boss, I used to watch “Who’s the Boss”; she was in “Poison Ivy”, poison ivy gives me a terrible rash; Hmmmm, I hate to use the term “match made in heaven” but I think we may be on to something here.

-George Bush, in an effort to get his approval ratings under 25%, vetoes a bill that would help the poor get healthcare. \

-Chip Chantry tonight at Helium. 8 p.m. Be there.

-Attention bars: If you plan on carrying today’s game, please CUT OFF THE CLOSED CAPTIONING! I mean, if someone deaf comes in the bar, sure, you can cut it back on, but otherwise, keep it off! Nobody cares what the morons calling the game say, especially if the words are blocking the action on the screen, which they always do. Man, that drives me crazy!