The weekend

Alright, alright, I’m working on the week in review now. I know, I know, but the first fall weekend was great for napping, not for getting work done. So I laid on the couch and watched football and baseball essentially all weekend (best game: Alabama vs. Arkansas). And I went to King Tut. It was pretty good but I think it’s lame when, after you’ve already paid $32.50, they charge you $6 for a set of headsets, so you appear either a) cheap if you don’t get them or b) anti-social if you do. I think you guys know which choice I went with. Oh, come on, not because I’m cheap, because I’m social. And when the whole image of King Tut is that headdress thing, and that is even what they are advertising it with, it is a bit disappointing when that thing is nowhere to be seen.

Also went bowling on Saturday. Much better deal than King Tut. Ten bucks all you can bowl, though you do have to deal with a lot more hipsters than you have to deal with at Tut (I think me and the Sofa Kingdom guys were the only people there without tattoos, ironic eyewear, and painted on jeans). More importantly, I bowled my best game in years, a 133. I was pretty psyched about that. And, having matured in the last 6 months, there were no a) keg stands or b) temper tantrums. A very grown up performance by me.

In sports, I will be talking about the Phils this afternoon. And my fantasy team played against Carson Palmer this week, and he outscored my entire team.
ALSO: Will you people freaking vote already? Seriously, only 47 votes, and 11 of those are Steve O. voting for himself.