The Week in Review

A wild, wild week that included major upsets, history being made, and the return of one of the circuit’s most hated teams.

-We begin on Tuesday, where the Young, the Old, and the Restless came away with an 83-77 win over the Obscure Simpsons Reference. It was YOR’s 2nd win of the month.

-A blowout at the Bards, as the red hot Sofa Kingdom made it four straight, crushing the Chin Omelette, 103-83.

-What’s in a name? Plenty, if what happened at the Vous on Wednesday is any indication. A team calling themselves the Jams (aka Not the Jams) defeated the Jams (aka Shiver Me Tasers). In fact the real Jams, who had won 7 of the previous 8 quizzoes, finished an unheard of 4th. The pseudo Jams held off a late rally by 1022 to win 97-92.

-On to the Black Sheep, where a fully stacked Duane’s World was the heavy favorite in a somewhat light field. But in the end it was O’Neals castaways Philly Harcargh! cruising to a 103-86 win over Duane and company.

-Thursday marked the return of MAGMA to the Good Dog, and though they looked a little rusty, they were able to hold off Creepy Guy At the Bar (aka Steve-O, playing Hans Solo), 82-81.

-Finally, history was made at the Bards on Thursday night, as the Sofa Kingdom won their 100th game at the Bards. In case anyone is curious, The Jams are the 2nd most winningest franchise, with 86 wins, going back to the Frank Clements days (To be honest, they’ve won more than that, but that was before the website.) I haven’t added it up, but I think the Young, the Old and the Restless are probably 3rd. Anyways, the Kingdom were hardly handed a challenge in their 100th win, knocking off a team making it’s first ever appearance, the Origins of a Quizzo Crisis, 104-89. And so the circle of life continues. And since it was the Kingdom’s 5th straight win, there will be a bounty of $20 on Tuesday.