The Week In Review

Started the week on Monday, when I played quizzo at the Dark Horse with Chet Bumstead and D-Mac and finished, as my quizzo teams always do, in 2nd place. (Our team name: Andy Reid’s Sons Killed Pavarotti.) If we had jokered the right round, we would have won.

On Tuesday at O’Neals, it was the Pavarotti Pall Bearer Hernia Club winning a blowout, kicking the Young Old and Restless to the curb, 98-84.

On to the Bards, where the Sofa Kingdom aced the final round to edge Two Step Hustle and Flow, 111-106. Mr. Peanut did not enter the equation.

The Jams (AKA Wrinkled, Out of Time) put up the most impressive performance of the week, nailing 39 out of 40 questions on their way to a 113-95 win over This Questions Worth…Ten Points at a packed Locust Rendezvous.

From a packed Rendezvous to an eerily quiet Black Sheep. Perhaps falling victim to the old “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded” philosophy, the Sheep has been fairly quiet for the last couple of weeks, not the wall to wall madhouse it usually is. Anyways, it was Yes You Can’t pulling off a narrow 102-98 win over Duane’s World. Banana recorded the 2nd lowest score ever in quizzo history, a 10.

Steve, Take Us Back We’ll Change wiped out the Snap, Crackle, and Popped Collars, 112-101 at the Good Dog, missing only two questions the whole game.

The Sofa Kingdom continued the tear that started after last week’s debacle, winning their third straight match since the incident. This time it was a 111-101 win over Genetalia From Australia.