The Great Mr. Peanut Controversy

Gonna be interesting to see what you think about this one, one of the greatest quizzo controversies ever. A question at quizzo this past week was as follows: List four of Mr. Peanut’s accesories (he has five). The answers I was looking for were a monocle, top hat, white gloves, a cane, and spats. One team answered “black loafers”. At first, I accepted that answer, since he is wearing black shoes. But after further reflection, I realized that that answer was wrong: spats are never worn with loafers, so his shoes cannot be loafers. Had they simply answered “black shoes”, I would have accepted it, but I simply could not accept loafers. The team in question lost in overtime. So the million dollar question: should I have accepted black loafers? Leave your thoughts below.