The Cooler

Came up with a good nickname for Adam Eaton last night. Did you ever see the movie The Cooler, where William Macy plays a guy who, when someone gets hot on the craps tables, goes over and touches them and cools off their hot streak? Well, The Cooler is the perfect nickname for Adam Eaton, who is guaranteed to cool off the Phils every time they threaten to get hot. Of course, this nickname could also apply to every single pitcher we have besides Kendrick, Hamels, and JC Romero. Here’s Bob Ford telling us what we already knew:
The Phillies’ starters, as a unit, aren’t capable of producing the kind of stretch the team will need eventually – even just to sneak into the postseason. Nearly anything is possible in baseball if you watch long enough, but waiting for the Phils to win eight out of 10 with this pitching staff would be asking for a very long wait…That means there is nothing to do now but wait the wait, watch the games fall slowly off the schedule, with a win here, maybe a couple, here a loss, here another, until the team comes to rest somewhere right around 85 wins, same as last season. In the hunt, but just behind the baying pack. It will be another solemn end, and another year tacked to the lengthening string of frustration. But at least everyone concerned is used to it.
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