Must Win tonight

Sad day in Mudville. The Phils blow a chance to make up on the Mets, and the Padres come from behind to win in the 9th, putting us one back in the playoff race. Funny how fast we can go from “This is our year!’ to “Here we go again.” Took about 15 pitches last night, until that pathetic excuse for an umpire gave Texeira 4 strikes and he blasted one out of the ballpark after strike 3. A nice comeback to take the lead, and you heard Harry bust out his playoff voice when Werth launched that homer. Chicken skin when I heard his call. But anytime your season is on the line and you are forced to turn to Geoff Freaking Geary, you know you’re in trouble. Tonight is essentially a Game 7. Lose, and we’re done.