Feedback on Overrated/Underrated Column

I’ve gotten some interesting feedback on the overrated/underrated column I did last week for the Metro. Almost immediately, I got an email from the Rangers at the Independence Park: As park rangers at Independence National Historical Park, we feel you are mistaken in under rating the Liberty Bell. While we acknowledge that the bell does not work, a few months ago you stated the bell brought you to tears. What happened to those sentiments? The bell is not important because it is old and cracked. Rather, the bell is important because it has been used throughout history to make society better for everyone. It is okay the bell does not ring, because what you hear you forget. What you see you remember. What you experience, you understand! OK, I have to admit that it is pretty awesome that the guys who look over the bell are this passionate about it. That is extremely kool.

My grandmom also wasn’t real happy about my treatment of the bell: Sweetheart, The Liberty Bell is not supposed to work; you know it is a reminder FOR THE TIME WHEN IT DID WORK…I thought you liked History. What happened between you and the Liberty Bell?

The Metro also got a letter from a reader who said this: How can anything that stands for the struggle of freedom and liberty in our nation and across the world ever be overrated? I don’t think you truly understand the meaning behind this symbol…Anyone that would think of this symbol of the struggle for liberty and freedom, (from slavery to womens suffrage to WWI, WWII, the Civil Rights Movement and beyond), is underrated obviously takes for granted the hard work of generations before us.

OK, in my defense: underrating the Liberty Bell because it doesn’t work was a joke. As many of you know from my earlier column, I am a big fan of the Liberty Bell. Me and the Liberty bell are totally kool. In fact, who is this calling me now? Why, it’s my good friend the Liberty Bell!

To see JGT get ripped by Holly of Hollyeats, click below.

On to the cheesesteak. I got slammed on egullet by Holly of the excellent food website, He writes: This whole “icky cheesesteak served by mean person” thing is getting rather tiresome. If one can not handle the wiz and the attitude, go home and make a bologna and mayonaise sandwich on Wonder Bread.

Fair criticism, but I still think that Pat’s needs to step their game up. I have never been a big fan of Geno’s, and after the owner embarrassed the city last summer, I swore the place off forever. But Pat’s used to be excellent, and the last couple of times it hasn’t been as good. As for my bologna and Mayonnaise sandwich on Wonder bread, it is way underrated.

I also got the following haiku from a reader named Beth, who was displeased with my cheesesteak mention:
Philly fills my heart.
Cheesesteaks fill my arteries.
I love them, fiercely.

Excellent work, Beth. Be sure to stay tuned. The 3rd annual JGT Haiku contest is right around the corner!

Finally, PalestraJon actually got a little love from PhillyMag blogger AJ Daulerio for his entry in the overrated/underrated comments section. Btw, the blog Daulerio is doing for Philly Mag is actually hip and fun, making it seem so…un-Philly Maggish.