Eagles Outscore Fans IQs

Went to the Eagles game yesterday with Trivia Art, and as you might expect, it was a lot of fun seeing the home team run up and down the field, steamrolling the hapless Lions. But you know me, I need something to whine about, so here goes: Just when I think that a lot of Eagle fans can’t get any dumber, they boo a quarterback who worked his ass off to be ready to play this year. Yes, McNabb looked rusty the first two weeks. Not surprising, considering he was coming off career threatening knee surgery. But while most fans would try to get behind their star quarterback and pick him up, the idiots here boo him and call for Kevin Kolb. Yes, he also said that black quarterbacks get graded more harshly than their white counterparts. I tend to disagree, but so what? I could care less what my QBs opinions on social issues are, I just want him to throw the damn ball.

And throw the damn ball he did, for 381 yards and a perfect 158.3 QB rating. I wonder what the idiots said then. “Feeley woulda thrown for 500.” If you morons want to see what a crappy quarterback dragging down a good team looks like, look at Chicago. Otherwise, either get behind your quarterback (the best, mind you, in the history of the franchise) or find a new team. This is precisely the reason that, while I never find a silver lining in a Phillies loss, the silver lining when the Eagles lose is that the jackass fans will be miserable for the next week.
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