Week in Review

08-19-2007 012 (Custom).jpg
A player that won twice, some new blood at the Sheep, and the an adios to a regular. Let’s review.

“Cuz I Got High” by Afroman, Featuring Phil Rizzuto, which was really just Steve O. and D-Mac, blew away the field at O’Neals, missing only two questions on their way to a 113-96 win over Last Quizzo as a Free Man.

-A nailbiter at the Bards, as the Narkotyzing Dysfunktion, as they and the Sofa Kingdom missed 0 questions in Round Three and got the same two questions wrong in round four. So it came down to the Speed Round, and Narks got one more right in Round Two, which would prove decisive in the 100-98 win.

Mrs. Astor Will Miss Her Hair Appointment (aka the Jams), won yet again at the Vous with a 110. It was their 9th win in the last ten weeks at the Vous. One more win and we’ve got a bounty on our hands. Dead Television Personalities finished 2nd with 99

-A close match at the Black Sheep, as the Detroit Ligers knocked off Eschaton (aka Satan’s Minions), 99-94. The red hot Duane’s MInions, winners of 4 of the last 5 going into Wedensday’s game, finished 3rd with 92.

-It was Steve O. again at at the Good Dog, as his team the Snap, Crackle and Popped Collars beat the Axis of Evil Knieval, 102-93. My parents team, the Hometown Heroes, finished 3rd.

-It was Sayanara Pete (above, on JGT’s right in white t-shirt) Day at the Bards, as the regular for several years played his last quizzo before moving to DC. Sadly, there would be no spectacular send off, as his team, Jason Basedow Stole My Starter Jacket, finished in 4th. The Hurtin Bombs took the win, 101-87, over John the Baptist’s Last Name was Goodtimes.