Week in review

-We start on Tuesday, where the Young, the Old and the Restless won for the 2nd straight week. They knocked off Dork Sided, 95-89.

-At the Bards we had our longest winning team name, possibly ever. Matt Carlson Will Take Your Mom Out for a Nice Seafood Dinner and Never Call Her Again (aka the Narkotyzing Dysfunktion) blew open a close match in the final round and knocked off the Sofa Kingdom, 107-91.

-On to the Rendezvous, where we had another close match blown open in the final round. The Jams came from 5 down going into round four to beat We Let the Dogs Out, 111-96. The Jams were one of two teams to ace round four this week. It was their 8th win in the last 9 weeks.

-Our third straight blowout of the week took place at the Black Sheep. Duane’s World was the other team to ace Round Four, and they scored an easy 105-87 victory over the River Of Rocks. It was their 4th win in 5 weeks, as they have become the team to beat at the Sheep.

-Another blowout at the Good Dog, as Snap, Crackle, and Popped Collar dominated in a 97-75 win.

-A heartbreaker at the Bards, as heavily favored Hurtin Bombs would have gone down if Mr. Belvedere’s Moustache Sweats Maple Syrup hadn’t missed the final question, “What sport do the French call la Natation?” The Hurtin Bombs thus held on for a 101-100 win.

-Other highlights of the week included:
Me getting humiliated at Boggle
Barry Bonds breaking the Home Run Record
Goodtimes calls Nixon Underrated.
The “popped collar” article. Please show this to your friends at Penn!