Things we learned last week

1) This Lost Boys star helped Sandra Bullock slow down an out of control cruise ship in Speed 2: Cruise Control. Who is he?
Jason Patric; there are apparently plans for a Speed 3. I am not kidding. In this one, they have to keep roller blading at least 15 miles an hour or their brains will explode. It will also star Sophia Coppola and Hulk Hogan.

2) This man’s mistress, Lucy Mercer, was at his side when he died of a cerebral hemorrhage.
FDR. Here’s a little background, and that is a photo of her above. FDR apparently not a big fan of attractive women.

3) What was Jimi Hendrix’s only Billboard top 40 hit?
All Along the Watchtower. Here he sings it live.

4) What brand of soft drink was invented in Waco, Texas, in 1885?
Dr. Pepper. It has 23 secret ingredients, all of them gross. Here’s a brief history of how Dr. Pepper got started.

5) Eastern Tennessee delared itself an independant state in 1784, but this idea was shot down by Congress a year later. What was this pseudo state named?
Franklin. Here’s a history of the pseudo state.