The Week in Review

Here’s the rundown of the past week’s action:
-Tuesday night at O’Neals, it was Dork Sided taking an early lead and holding on for a 95-86 win over the Cornbread Mafia. Philly Hardcore finished 3rd.

-At the Bards, the Sofa Kingdom‘s arch nemesis, Narkotyzing Dysfunktion, was a no-show, and the Kingdom waltzed away with a 104-82 boiling of the Two Egg Omelette. Freddie Bear finished Numero Tres.

The Jams split into two teams on Wednesday at the Rendezvous-and those two teams finished First and Second. Hurricane Erin Blew Through Mexico edged Tommy Udo’s Fan Club, 114-113. In 3rd place, it was A Different Kind of Hate. The Jams have won five in a row. I am waiting to hear from Jam Captain to see if he’s playing this week. If so, we’ll have a bounty.

-No upset at the Black Sheep either. Yes, Duane Can’t, a conglomerate of Duane’s World, the Minions, and Yes You Can’t, knocked off My Eggplant Spells Cole Hamels, 104-96. Quizzo legends WTF made an appearance, but showed a lot of rust, finishing with a 75.

Mac Robinson’s Yellow Sweater got the win at the Good Dog, taking out Manstruation, 89-80. Vladimir Man Love took the bronze.

-On to the Bards, where we had controversy. It Looked Like the Day After the Day After Tomorrow had pulled off a 11-109 win over the Hurtin Bombs. I had asked what MLB team has the record for most losses in a season. The answer I was looking for was ’62 Mets, who lost 120. But the Bombs put the 1898 Cleveland Spiders. The Spiders had lost 134 in 1899, so I had to gove partial credit. That forced overtime, which was won by the Bombs. The Kingdom finished 3rd with a 107.

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