The Week in Review

08-03-2007 004 (Custom).jpg
The week began on Monday, when I revealed how John Keats failed to score me a #. Then, on Tuesday, it was time to review Philly Mags Best Of Philly issue. On to quizzo. It was an extremely competitive week that saw 4 matches determined by 5 points or less, and nobody win by more than 7. Tuesday at O’Neals, the Young the Old and the Restless held off Nothing Says “Hetero” Like 3 Guys Huddled Around a 3 by 3 Table, 98-91.

On to the Bards, where the Sofa Kingdom scored their 4th straight win, a 99-92 effort over Matt Carlson Is a God Among Men. No surprises at the Vous either, as the Jams (aka the West Croaked Offense) withstood an impressive performance from Ante Homeless, Auntie Homeless Anti Homeless, 103-100. It took us until the Black Sheep to find an upset. Flander’s Vegas Wife, a couple of guys from old school quizzo legends The Goats, got 50 in the final round to edge the red hot Duane’s World, 100-95. It had been over two years since the team, regulars at the Bards and part of the infamous Western Omelette-Goats rivalry of 2004, had won. It was also on Wednesday that I returned home to discover that someone had apparently melted on my doorstep (above). I mean, seriously, who leaves jeans on doorsteps?

Another old favorite at the Good Dog on Thursday. The Axis of Evil Knieval, who are a little bitter that there is no more MAGMA to knock off, edged Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water, 99-94. “If MAGMA ever decides that they want to go back to being smacked around by us like in the good ol’ days, have them get to the Good Dog ASAP,” stated one unnamed member of the Evils.

A thriller at the Bards, as three teams finished within three points of the titlebut in the end it was Saint Anne’s Mini Onions, a conglomaorate inclding some of Satan’s Minions, that edged the Hurtin’ Bombs and the Sofa Kingdom, 103-100-100.