Science Quizzo at the Franklin!

This friday night at 7 p.m., I’ll be hosting another science quizzo at the Franklin Institute in the planetarium. If you haven’t been to one of these yet, I highly encourage it. Ask anyone whose been to one, they are a blast. Quizzo, trippy stuff up on the ceiling, booze, all the ingredients for a weird night, and weird nights are always the best. (Well, there was that one weird night that got a little too weird, but I was in college and I thought they were just normal brownies.) Anyways, don’t be too intimidated if your not that great at science…see, neither am I. In fact, I suck at science. I consistently got Cs and Ds in science throughout high school, and I only passed Chemistry because the teacher didn’t want to have me in his class again. (I know that’s why you passed me, Mr. Mysko. I know.) The only thing I hate worse than science are science nerds. So rest assured, I will be using the term “science” as loosely as possible, while still staying honest. That being said, science nerds, there will still be enough science questions to keep you people as happy as it is possible for a science nerd to truly be. And study up on your Egypt knowledge, as well. The event is part of the Golden Ticket Promotion, and members of the winning team will all get free passes to the King Tut exhibit. Sweet! Oh, and it’s free to play. See ya there!!!