Little Brother

A great underground hip hop group performing manana at Johnny Brenda’s. I saw Little Brother a couple of years ago open for Blackalicious, and they were fantastic. They are a rare commodity in modern rap: a combination of smart and funny, and they actually realize that there are other words besides “Bitches” and “riches” that rhyme. Of course, that type of intelligence is punished by the rap community and BET owner Bob Johnson:
Almost 2 years ago, Little Brother’s video, “Lovin It” was banned from BET due to the program director saying that the song was too intellectual for the station’s 12-19 year old African American female demographic. As a result, the Atlantic recording trio, Little Brother got the cold shoulder from the network for not having dumbed down content, which resulted in their anticipated debut lp, The Minstrel Show not seeing it’s full potential, due to no promotion.

Anyways, Little Brother is playing Wednesday night at Johnny Brenda’s at 9:30 p.m.. I highly recommend attending. Oh, and here’s some pretty hilarious stuff on their Myspace about Mike Tyson’s Punchout being racist.