Around the Horn, brought to you by the Whisper 2000

-This exchange between Mike Schmidt and Harry the K over the weekend is pretty amazing. “I’ve been beating the hell out of my wife pretty regularly.”

-White House dumps Rove, picks up Ripken. Now we just need to convince Bush to drop Cheney and acquire Eddie Murray.

Merv Griffin passed away. This gives us a great opportunity to show Kramer taking over the set of the Merv Griffin Show.

David Lee Roth has rejoined Van Halen, and they are scheduled to appear in Philly on October 1. Oh Man, I hope this also means Roth is gonna be coming out with the movie Crazy From the Heat II: Even Crazier. The odds of Roth and Eddie Van Halen still being on speaking terms come October 1 are roughly 1,000,000,000 to 1.