Around the Horn, Brought to you by Hammerman

-When I saw that a Senator had been arrested for lewd conduct in a bathroom, before I opened the story, I said to Trivia Art, “I’m betting Republican.” Right again. Are there any Republicans in Washington who, while campaigning on Family Values and anti-gay marriage, aren’t trying to pick up men in bathrooms? I mean, keep in mind, two big name Republicans have been caught trying to pick up men in restrooms in the last two months. Can you imagine how many have gotten away with it? Is David Vitter the only straight Republican in Washington?

What in the holy hell is going on with the bees? Is it you, with yor fancy cellphone?

-Good debate about patriotism going on in the comments section under the Donspiracists column. Feel free to join.

-It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Hammerman!!!