Around the Horn, brought to you by Darth Cheney

-Dunno if you guys caught the four part series that the Washington Post did on Dick Cheney last month. A good look at the worst vice president in the history of the nation, and probably one of the worst people in this nation’s history.

-Yeah, I got a little love from D-Mac in PW. The first time the Vatican and quizzo have ever been repped in the same paragraph. (The quizzo storyline in Angels and Demons didn’t make the final cut.)

-Old school hip hop heads must check out the new video from KRS ONE and Marley Marl.

Bush has decided to to send $20 billion worth of high tech weapons to the Saudi Arabians. I hope this teaches those who would inlict “Terra” on America a harsh lesson: If hijackers from your nation attack us, we will give your nation high tech weapons. But if zero hijackers from your country invade us, we will kill hundreds of thousands of your citizens. Amazing.