Willie Gee Gets Fired

Worry not, sports fans. Willie’s job on the website has never been safer, but things at the thrift store he was working at didn’t go so well. As you know, he has had several run-ins with employers in the past, and there was an “altercation” on friday that led to his dismissal. I’ll let him tell you what went down:
As far as the job went, I liked it all right, but it was always really busy, which was beginning to wear on me. Being on the register sucked, which is where I had the altercation with the customer. I’ve worked at a mall during Christmas and it wasnt nearly that bad. Then, when I wasn’t on the register I liked it a lot better, but I had to bend down a lot to pick stuff up and it was really bothering my back. Between that and playing sports at night, something had to go and I guess this was it. A lot of customers were pains in the asses, although most of the people I worked with were cool (except the one manager who fired me, I think we were on a collision course). I don’t know where these customers get off being so demanding. I’m not comfortable being that way, and the reception has never been warm when I have been. I think the lady at the register did have it coming, but I also feel as if I overreacted a little or at least lost my head a little. She decided she didn’t want the items that she had purchased because of my attitude, so I had to call in a manager to void the transaction (which made embezzlement pretty difficult). So, she started telling the manager all this bullshit so I made a pretty mean gesture (the “finger across the throat” slit motion) at her with little regard for who was looking, and the manager caught me. I was then terminated. I left pretty willingly, but then came back later in the day to drop off a letter regarding the incident and to pay someone the $2 I owed them. When that happened, this cop that gets paid to watch the place said I couldn’t come in there and was giving me some problems, so I called him a pig on my way out. It was quite a day.