The Lovely Ginger makes a comeback!

Wow, we haven’t heard from ol’ Ginger in quite a while. Seems she was inspired by some dining she did on the 4th and wants to talk about it. Here goes:
I grew up always hearing about the fireworks spectacular on the Fourth of July. I am not a big fireworks person in general, but there wasn’t anything too spectacular about the Fireworks this year. It literally rained on our parade and if I didn’t have a bottomless keg of Yards to drink, I would have been even more disappointed. Hall and Oates sounded decent, but Darryl looked a bit cracked out. I am not certain if this is a result of his diagnosed lyme disease, but he was a bit buggy.

The most spectacular parts of my day involved not fireworks or Private Eyes but eating. I had two of the best dining experiences ever. I hadn’t been to Honey’s (4th and Brown) in a while, so I decided that’s where I would start my day. I felt like the guy who wanted to find the person that put the bomp in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp. I wanted to find the person that decided to put brisket, caramelized onions, horseradish cheddar and spinach in an omelet. Also, when honey asks you for your choice of bread, it’s not limited to wheat or white, no- they throw corn muffins in as an option.

My omelet was accompanied by an award-winning latke and even the orange juice would win over the biggest OJ snob. Side note: I always thought omelette was spelled as such.. my spell check is telling me it’s just omelet.

The Pointer sisters “I’m so Excited” was running through my head and, still running off the momentum from my Tuesday night Karaoke experience, I sang out loud for Lance Romance (and I guess the table next to us.) The only problem was the line was rather long but just stop in at the Latte Lounge next door, get a coffee and kill some time.

They say a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. So I jumped on my rock hopper and biked across the city. Fast forward a few hours later and I am sipping on some fresh yards pale ale.

By this time, I worked up an appetite again. I was equidistant from both Brigid’s and Aspen (hanging out in lance romance’s hood). It was time to bring out a childhood favorite, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” And Aspen won. I was kind of happy because I passed Aspen’s outdoor chalkboard earlier and saw that they were advertising a new menu.

Oh ho ho my goodness. Pulled Pork and Pickles quesadilla. Ahi Tuna with a Roasted Peper Risotto (great portion for the $11 pricetag) and Pierogies. Some might think a pierogi is a pierogi is a pierogi. There should be a mandatory paradigm shift then. I was sharing the aforementioned with a few other people, so don’t think I took on the trifacto myself; Then we finished up with the legendary Aspenita. The Aspenita is cheesecake wrapped in phyllo die and deep fried. Deep Fried cheesecake. Who woulda thought? Thank you Aspen. Thank you very much. If you head over to the Aspen at 25th and a s p e n, you can dine till 1 am.