The Hipsters are back at it!

In the dregs of summer, finally a fun little summer rivalry. Steven Wells, the kind-of-like-Lewis-Black hipster from the Weekly, took another cheap shot at Joey Sweeney, the talented and funny yet seemingly cocky hipster dude from Philebrity who has never returned a single email of mine even when I’ve asked for assistance in charity related events (Dude, WTF?). Anyways, one thing I do admire about Sweeney is his insistence on coming out swinging when someone takes a shot at him, and he didn’t disappoint. My favorite part from the Wells PW column: the gossip blog’s still raking in money from advertisers too dumb to realize they’re associating their product with the hipster equivalent of Benedict Arnold. What? How does one become the hipster equivalent of Benedict Arnold? Go to the gym? Watch a baseball game? Laugh at something for being unironically funny? Stop drinking the High Life? Aw man, generalizations are fun. Anyways, we’ve needed this. I mean, the Phils are mediocre and we haven’t had a good rivalry in this city since Danny Ozark vs. that reporter with granny panties.
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