Season Likely Over…Now What?

Well, gang, it’s just about time to start waiting till next year. Only the Phillies can blow a 3 run lead in the 7th and not have that be the bad news. Yep, Chase Utley’s hand is broken, though the Phillies say it’s not that bad. Not bad. Kind of like Freddie Garcia’s arm, Brett Myers arm, Flash Gordon’s arm, etc, etc, etc. He’s done for at least a month. Our #2 starter has an ERA of almost 6, and if you asked our bullpen to prevent Lindsay Lohan from joining a convent, they would probably blow it. At this point, you trade Rowand for some decent young arms that you can season for next year; you trade Barajas for a Slim Jim and a bottle of Banker’s Club Gin; and you hire out our entire bullpen to dress up as clowns for kid’s parties. Anybody else got any ideas or wanna commiserate?