Perfect score ruined by the Nazis

We kick it off on Tuesday, where This Dildo Tastes Funny came from behind in the final round to knock off Dork SIded, 97-93. On to the Bards, where the Narcotyzing Dysfunktion won for the 4th time in 5 weeks to, dare I say it, become the team to beat in Tuesday night quizzo at the Bards. They carried an 11 point lead into the final round and held on to kick the Kingdom, 99-94.

On to Wednesday, where Todd the Wet Sprocket collected the $20 bounty, busting out the Jams, 107-102. Going into the match, the Jams had won an incredible 13 out of 15. But the Sprockets have talked about possibly forming a regular team, so hopefully we’ll get a good rivalry going at the Vous.

Had our first double digit win at the Black Sheep, as Duane’s World won their 3rd straight match, 106-95, over Yes You Can’t. Another win for Duane’s World next week and we might be talking bounty. We’ll see.

No bounties at the Good Dog, where a mad power struggle continues to play itself out, and there are, incredibly, some open tables. After months of complaints over not being able to get a seat, the last month has been pretty daggone quiet. This week, it was Lady BIrd Lives knocking off Steve O. and the Ketchup Bottle (a team that consisted of Steve O. and a ketchup bottle), 101-87.

On to the Bards, where I was convinced, after question #5 of the impossible round, that the Kingdom was gonna collect their 2nd perfect score ever. I had thought I could stump them on give me first and last names of th eSPice Girls, but they knew them all, and I didn’t think my last 5 questions were that tough. But question #7, “WHat Nazi leader parachuted into Scotland in 1942 and spent the next 45 years in prison?” stumped them, and they had to settle for a 114-102 win over Crazy For Swayze. The defending champs, the Hurtin Bombs, finished in 3rdwith a 101.