Man Crush

I never buy the Daily News, I just check it out online. But on my way back from the bar last night, I saw the fresh papers going out and A) there was something kind of exciting of grabbing one “hot off the presses” and B) Chris Coste was the sports cover, and like every male fan the Phillies have, I have a man crush on Chris Coste. It’s pretty cool that we live in Philly at a time when the Phillies have A) their greatest first baseman of all time B) their greatest second baseman of all time C) arguably their best shortstop of all time and D) We get to see the Chris Coste drama unfold. This is the most Hollywood story in this town since Papale, complete with an entire city that gets behind him and teammates who constantly come to his defense, and who were rumored to be crying when he was demoted last time. Of course, every great Hollywood story needs an antagonist. Eagerly providing it for this story is evil General Manager Pat Gillick, played by a sneering Crimson Tide style Gene Hackman. Will Coste send us to the playoffs with a huge hit in September? Or will the evil General Manager demote him because of his foolish pride? Stay tuned.

(And a quick piece of advice, Mr. Gillick. If you do send Coste back down to the minors again, I would suggest that you invest in some Aloha shirts that won’t stain when splattered by eggs.)