Local Food Notes

*Looks like things are gonna get real interesting at Reading Terminal Market. Rick’s Prince of Steaks is getting kicked out and Tony Luke’s is coming in. And Rick isn’t exactly pleased, saying that he’s getting the boot in retaliation for always sticking up for his fellow vendors. His lawyer says that Rick will refuse to move out at the end of the month. This is gonna be fun to watch.

*Have you checked out the Foobooz “Philly Mag Best Of…” Map? Trivia Art really shows what a computer he nerd he is by putting this thing together, but it is pretty damn cool.

*The dude from Philafoodie goes to a giant foie gras farm (Ok, so it’s technically a duck farm) and discovers that it’s really not that bad. In fact, not nearly as bad as the protesters who are going over the line to protest it. Very interesting and informative article. Of course, someone used the comment section to leave a fairly well written rebuttal. The debate continues. Having worked with animals in the past in a controversial environment, I will say this: If you are going to do story on a controversial animal treatment, you can’t just take the company at its word. In the captive dolphin environment, there was a massive propaganda campaign that was used on the public and the press, much of it true and some of it not true. To do a comprehensive story on it, you do have to dig a little deeper than what that camp would want you to know.