Around the Horn, brougt to you by Turkey Chipotle BLT

07-28-2007 024 (Custom).jpg
-Our State Department would never involve themselves in human trafficking, tricking foreign laborers into working in Baghdad against their will. Would they? In the words of my buddy Toby, “We’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way.”

-The Daily News is doing their sexiest singles this week (thanks for nominating me, jerks). Anyways, they’re doing videos and they look like those hilarious Comcast Dating On Demand features, with the guys videos being a lot funnier than the girls ones. This is by far the unintentionally funniest one. Anybody know where I can get a tank top like that?

-Remember when the mainstream media showered itself in glory by providing minute by minute flight coverage of the guy who falsely claimed to kill Joan Benet Ramsey? Well good old Jon Mark Karr recently got interviewed. I direct your eyes to this sentence: CBS46 will talk to Karr Tuesday at 11 p.m. about his life now, his time in Atlanta, his fiancée and his father. Yep, Jon Mark Karr has had more luck dating in the past year than I have.

-Turkey Chipotle BLT, who have quite an impressive collection of last place prizes, held their latest lead ever last week (in 1st place after round two at O’Neals last week), and therefore get the honor of today’s ATH photo.