Around the Horn, brought to you by Uncle Goodtimes

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Trivia Art tells us how to celebrate the French tearing the heads off rich people in the 1790s in his weekly Metro column.

-Philadelphia Weekly blogger, quizzo regular, and all around swell guy D-Mac posts a column about Barbaro that is somewhat amusing, but not nearly amusing as the comments that follow from outraged Barbaro fans. “The echoes of the benefits for all horses brought about by this horse will reverberate for decades.” is a good one, which was quickly answered by, “just what are the benefits of this horse that will go on for decades? Glue only lasts a few years before its all used up.” Which was followed by, “I feel sorry for you that you can’t comprehend the power of love.” This is one of the awesomest comment threads I’ve ever read.

-Over/under on pics of my niece on this website before the end of the year: 734.

Somehow I missed this like two weeks ago. (Fair is fair, I came across this in a roundabout way via Philebrity.)