Around the Horn

-The bowling party on Saturday was a huge success. Well, not for me, but for the guys who put it on, Badminton Stamps and Emily and Lee from Narcotyzing . Nice show, though I was nine pins away from winning a date…again! I was extremely disappointed by my performance and acted like a spoiled rotten child the entire night.

-Steve O. is performing at the Khyber tonight as part of Die Actor Die, Don Montrey’s monthly show. Check him out. It’s at 8 p.m. and tix are $5 cheap.

-A few quick questions with Bill Maher.

-Philebrity wonders: Is the reason that the media cares so much about the weekends murder of a 14 year old bike rider because it happened near tourist mecca Pat’s and Geno’s?

-And Bob T. and Darth Ern’s hero, Tom Delay, is gonna speak at the Constitution Center tonight. Following his speech, Delay will be sacrificing live puppies.