A review of Best of Philly

Ok, so I threw my little hissyfit on friday about the lack of quizzo in this years Best Of…edition. Well, it’s time to move on and turn the page, and see what they got right and wrong. Alright, they start with Food and Drink. I’ve gotten old and predictable in my old age, so I haven’t been to a lot of hip new spots. But Philafoodie says that they got a lot of stuff right, and we’ll take their word for it. A weak award for Cheap Eats: Wegman’s. As many good cheap eats as this city has, and you give it to a chain grocery store out from Rochester? Lame. However, Steve’s, Prince of Steaks, has a really great steaks. Good call. Alright, enough of the food. Let’s move on. Fashion. Uh, yeah, whatever. This line from Philly’s Best Tableware: “Glassware, dinnerware, and that teacup you saw on Oprah? Yes, yes, and heck yes.” I think that’s all we really need to know about fashion. Let’s move to FUN.
After the jump: JGT responds to Philly Mag’s “trite quizzo” comment.

Ok, Fun starts with Best Karaoke. Did karaoke start in Philadelphia, the title of the magazine? Uh, no, sorry, that was quizzo. Anyways, Casey’s Ale House wins. Never heard of it. McGillan’s is pretty damn obnoxiously good if you ask me. Best Jazz Club was Chris’ Jazz Cafe. Ok, ashamed to say this, but never been. Big ups for photo of Philly legend Bootsie Barnes. Dive bar. Jerry’s. It’s in Northern Liberties, so I’m sure the hipsters have already killed whatever fun was once to be had there.

Competitive Bar Event. Bob and Barbara’s Spelling Bee. The lovely Ginger says it’s fun, and I’ll believe her. I’m a big Bob and Barbs fan, and it seems about right that they’re honored in Philly Mag about 15 years after becoming hip. I particularly enjoyed the first sentence, “Bob and Barbara’s doesn’t waste time with trite quizzo.” Ah yes, trite quizzo. I kind of feel like that was a dig at yours truly. And I can hardly blame them for being a little mad at me. After all, my Quizzo Bowl 3 was ten the times the event their Best Of Philly Party was last year, it was orchestrated and organized by one person, and it didn’t end with Larry Mendte furious in the parking lot b/c he couldn’t find his keys. Yes, yes, and heck yes.

Moving along. Kids. Next! Service. Phillyhistory.org got best local website. Good call. Their blog is absolutely fantastic, and I wish they updated it every day. Ok, that’s it for service. Let’s finish up with People and Power.

Sports Radio Personality goes to Rhea Huges. Not feeling it. I gotta give it Ant’ny Gargano or Jody Mac. Radio Talk Show Host goes to Michael Smerconish. Way to dig deep and find a great radio personality toiling in obscurity, guys. Ok, here’s the one that gotten the most flak: “Best Pen Pal: Alycia Lane. How come hot babes never send us bikini photos?” Ok, if you’re gonna piss off an entire local news network, how about not doing it by beating a horse that died about two months ago? “How come hot babes never send us bikini photos”? Who wrote that lame ass joke, Carlos Mencia? Next time try using a joke that isn’t so, I don’t know…trite?

Final say: Some decent calls, too many boring categories, too many boring, uninspiring calls (Chickie and Pete’s, Smerconish, Wegman’s). But I will say this about Philly Mag: at least they put out a Best Of that’s worthy of critiquing.
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