A little part of history

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I was at the historic game and it was, well, really not that fun. I mean, baseball games are always fun in a certain sense, because they are a good excuse to spend a little QT with your peoples. But the action on the field was terrible, and it was humid enough that the crowd didn’t really seem to get excited about the 10,000 losses And to be honest, it was one of the most pathetic performances I’ve ever seen this team give on the field. It was the first time I’ve ever left a baseball game before the final out. With it 10-0 in the 7th, after the Cards 6th home run, I couldn’t stomach anymore. However, I do think it’s worth noting that the following people were part of the 10,000th loss: Jose Mesa, who pitched a perfect inning. Scott Rolen, who still gets booed loudly every time he bats. And home plate umpire Jim Wolf, who is Randy Wolf’s brother, called balls and strikes for the 10,000th. And for the first time probably ever, a used Phillies ticket will be worth something on ebay. Final little fun fact: The Phillies 10,000th loss was the first Phillies loss in Lucia Marie’s life. It’s been reported that she cried and cried all night long after the loss.
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