Week in Review

Started the week on the good ol’ Eastern Shore of Virginia, where I had a hot date to a wedding on Saturday. (Rumors that she must be completely blind to be my wedding date are untrue and, quite frankly, unfair. She can make out shapes and colors). Oh, and I did drop a sick hip hop medley at the reception, which consisted of verses from “It’s Tricky”, “Ice, Ice, Baby”, “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, and “Bust a Move”. Needless to say, it went over extremely well. There was video taken, and if I can get a hold of some, it will propel me to the rap superstardom I so richly deserve. And Eve will be my date to the next wedding. They will call us “hip hop royalty” in the papers. It will be awesome.

On to quizzo, where the Young the Old and the Restless fell behind early, but aced a tough final round to come from behind and cruise past defending champs Dork Sided, 102-88.

A minor upset at the Bards Tuesday night, as the Dysfunktion, seemingly the only team that can hang with the Kingdom on Tuesdays, took a 100-94 win and the extra $20 bounty i had placed on the Sofa’s head.

On to the Rendezvous, where we had a thriller. Charles Nelson Reilly’s Ascot Collection held off Trust Us, We Know, 94-92. The Jams made a 4th round surge, scoring 50 to get to 90, but had made their bed in the movie taglines round. Darth Ern’s knowledge of movie taglines doesn’t extend into the “talkies”. Is their a new threat to Jam dominance at the Vous? Time will tell.

The craziness continued at the Black Sheep. A duo calling themselves Parke Overall tacked up a surprisingly easy win over Duane’s Minions, 91-79. I honestly can’t remember the last time two new teams won on the same night. I bet it’s been at least 3 years.

And the wackiness didn’t stop there. The 2 1/2 Armenians, the new team to beat at the Good Dog, fell to the Goodtimejohnnies.com, 107-101. On Thursday night, the Wild Card round (Things that Sting) was unquestionably tougher than the Impossible Round.

At the Bards, two teams aced round four, but the Hurtin’ Bombs missed less questions in Round Three and edged The Looser the Waistband, the Deeper the Quicksand, 107-104. The Sofa Kingdom was MIA.

Neither the Jams nor the Sofa Kingdom won this week. I would love to know the last time neither one of them won one week. I bet it’s over a year. But I’m too lazy to find out. If anyone wants to do the research (Nate, JohnniE?), I’ll buy ya a drink next week.