Quizzo News and Notes

First, I played with some of the Satan’s Minions at Nodding Head on Sunday. Irish John was hosting. He seems to be a bit mellower than he used to be. First time I’ve ever played his quizzo where he didn’t tell a single person, “Shut the **** up, you stupid ****.” (To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The highlight of his quizzo is always when he gets really pissed.) The quiz was pretty good. More minutiae than mine, I think. I couldn’t really help all that much. He doesn’t really ever venture into my wheelhouse, which is US history and sports. We won though, pretty easily, at least partly because Mike of the Minions is the King of Minutiae. The next night I went with D-Mac and a few of the Chin Omelettes over to New Deck. (We were gonna play Dark Horse but DH John got sick.) Not a bad quiz, pretty good mix of questions. The New Deck isn’t my favorite bar in the world, and the food was so-so, but the food and drinks were pretty cheap. We lost to the Sofa Kingdom by 3 points, and finished out of the money. I still like Dark Horse quizzo better than either of these quizzos, but they were perfectly good.

Palestra Jon wasn’t so lucky. He played out in the burbs. Here were his thoughts: I went out to check out some suburban Quizzo at Iron Hill Brewery in Media. Nice place. Bad Quizzo. 5 rounds. …ALL POP CULTURE, straight out of trivia book. A numerical question 11 to each round, almost impossible (how many pounds of meat can a wolf eat at one sitting—20). To show how bad this crowd is, they asked only one general knowledge question out of 50—In what war was the Battle of the Bulge—only 1/3 of the teams got that right. On the good side, $3 homemade microbrews and cheap appetizers.

Finally, the Satan’s Minions took a field trip to Kildare’s last night for their award winning quizzo. They said that it was ok, but there were several major problems. First of all, length. Three and a half hours long. Then, all the questions were worth one point apiece, except for one question, which was worth ten. That question? “What Kildare’s bartender was named Best Of Philly by Philly Style Magazine?” Teams could also joker that round, so if they knew the bartender, they could get 20 points for knowing it. This question took place in the first round, so anyone who didn’t know it essentially lost after round one, because they had to work out of a 30+ point hole. There were six rounds, all with topics. They were: 2 audio rounds, Cartoons, Animal House, Headlines, and Advertising Slogans. There were no history, gegraphy, science, or politics questions. According to Mike, “I think they had to keep all the questions pop culture related, or they would have upset the crowd, which consisted entirely of idiot drunken frat boys.” The quizzo also featured a chugging contest (which, I have to admit, is kind of a fun idea.)

Anybody out there played any good or bad quizzos lately? Let us know what you recommend (and which ones we should stay away from) below.