Hardest questions of the week

See how ya do with the toughest questions of the week. Answers are after the jump. Lots of new blood won this week. Details this afternoon.

1. What is the only mammal with a poisous sting?

2. In what European city is NATO headquartered?

3. This creature with a vicious sting is actually a colony of specialize polyps and medusoids. (Hint: It’s not a jellyfish)

4. What 1984 movie had the tagline, “It’s the time of your life that may last a lifetime”?

5. Memorial Day was originally conceived to honor soldiers from what war?

6. What future baseball Hall of Famer was drafted by the San Diego Padres, the Minesota Vikings, and the Atlanta Hawks in 1973?

7. Charles Dickinson was a renowned duelist, having killed 26 men until he himself was killed on May 30, 1806. Who killed him in a duel?

8. What two enormous North American breweries merged in February of 2005?

9. What movie from the 2000s had the tagline, “Family isn’t a word. It’s a sentence.”?

10. What EU nation has a national language that less than 10% of the population speaks fluently, and which over a third of the population can’t speak at all?

1. Duck billed platypus
2. Brussels
3. Portuguese Man O’War
4. 16 Candles
5. US Civil War
6. Dave Winfield
7. Andrew Jackson
8. Coors and Molson
9. Royal Tenenbaums
10. Ireland (Gaelic)