Greatest Comeback Ever, Huge Upset Bookend Week

06-11-2007 026 (Custom).jpg
Things were looking good for Steve O.and the rest of Badger Tsunami. Damn good. They had aced the first three rounds, and it looked like smooth sailing. One team they certainly wouldn’t have to worry about was Impossible to Walk in this Dreck, who had struggled through the Wild Card Round (Twins) and who had a 44 going into the final round. But as the Tsunami broke, the Dreck got hot, acing the final round. But would that be enough to move them ahead of the Tsuami and perennial powerhouses Dork Sided? FInal scores: Badger Tsunami 94, Dork Sided 98, Impossible to Walk 99! Yes! The greatest comeback in quizzo history, as Impossible to Walk overcame a 20 point deficit to win in the final round. Unheard of!

A close finish at the Bards as well, as Sofa Kingdom was conspicuously absent all week. Their chief foes, Narcotyzing Dysfunktion, were able to tack on another win, but it wasn’t easy. They had to overcome a resilient Chin Omelette team that made a comeback in the final round, but fell just short, 97-94.

No surprises at the Vous, as the Jams (aka Opus Dei and the Knights) took an early lead and cruised to a 111-84 win over If You Don’t Use It You Lose It. The Jams were one of only 2 teams to break the 100 point mark all week. Team Name had the weeks lowest score, an impressive 21.

The other team to break the 100 point mark was the Satan’s Minions, who seem to have broken out of their slump, winning for the second straight week. Gomer Piledriver and Betsy Bailed tied for 2nd, with Gomer taking the silver in the tiebreaker.

On to Good Dog, where there were no surprises. Since Johnny called them out last month, MAGMA has been on a roll, and they won on Thursday for the 4th time in 5 weeks. MAGMA scored an 89, while Ow! My Eye! finished in 2nd with 83.

There are very few times that you’ll hear me use the word “Miracle”. This was one of those time. The Kingdom was absent on Thursday, but that didn’t mean that there were no heavy hitters in the house. The Satan’s Minions, feeling cocky after their convincing win on Wednesday, were in attendance, as was the always tough Omelette and two time defending champ Hurtin’ Bombs. But the team that pulled off the victory had been playing every single week for years, and had not won since August of 2005. Rich Kotite Beats His Kids to Jock Jams scored an incredible 50 in the final round to edge the Minion’s, 97-92. The Hurtin Bombs finished 3rd with 87. The Omelette, which had a 9 point lead going into the final round, imploded and finished with an 81.