Granny Panties

Wow, the storm brewing around the Danny Ozark and Lu Ann Cahn debacle seems to be getting bigger by the minute. Danny is a friend of mine and a regular on the comedy circuit. Though not exactly famous for his good judgement, he is a really nice guy, and I think he probably feels bad that he went too far, which he obviously did. Rifling through Cahn’s personal stuff is low-brow and inexcusable, and it was even more juvenile and disrespectful to embarrass her on-air. But I think it also shows something else: that the local news doesn’t do stories on local talent unless the reporters are directly involved. Every comedian in town was excited about this story, b/c one of them was actually going to get covered on the television news. While print media and local radio do a pretty good job of helping out local performers, TV news would rather cover a new Wegman’s opening or interview Pat Croce or something. Danny O., like lots of local performers, has been working his butt off for years. It’s a shame that one of them had to do something stupid like this to get recognized for it.