Correction (Updated)

The Kildare’s in question in Best Of Philly Style was the one in Headhouse Square, not the one in the burbs. It’s on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. So if anyone wants to check it out and let me know how it is, that would be great. And I was right: Starbucks did win best coffee for the 2nd straight year. I’ll find one of these mags soon and we’ll see what won what.
UPDATE: Just saw their website. I was not in the top 4 quizzos, being passed by Kildare’s, Fado’s, Fergie’s, and New Deck. Kildare’s came away the big winners, with Best Quizzo, Best Bar in the Burbs, and Best Bartender. Philly Style’s write-up of the bar included this classic line: “The authenticity of Kildare’s decor and cuisine might make you feel like you’re somewhere on the Emerald Isle.” Which is especially ironic, considering what Philadelphia Mag wrote a couple of months ago: Kildare’s, however, is “authentic” the same way Epcot Center’s World Showcase is — the spirit, the accoutrements and the cultural touchstones may all be there, but that’s where the authenticity ends. The first three Kildare’s were facsimiles that Magrogan put together through the Irish Pub Company, which is essentially a bar-in-a-box-type factory that helps you, young budding publican, become owner of an authentic Irish pub — outfitting your location with custom-made Irish bric-a-brac, sharing Irish recipes, recommending outsource agencies from which to hire “authentic” Irish staff, even offering naming suggestions. (Add “& Sons” or “& Daughters” for authenticity.) The company was featured in a 2006 article called “Ireland’s ‘Crack’ Habit,” which outlined how faux Irish pubs have become huge business in all parts of the world — even Ireland. Magrogan’s last three pubs were built through another Irish pub warehouse company, called Bar None, that’s based in the not-so-­authentic Irish realm of Canada.

Anyways, I’m done whining about this. No seriously. Done. Me. With this…Kildare’s? Are you serio…No, sorry, that was a slip. Kildare’s is fine. It’s kool. And hell, even I’ll admit that PSM got some stuff right. The Roots are a great band, Monk’s has a good beer menu, and McGillan’s has a really good karaoke.