Around the Horn

06-04-2007 014 (Custom).jpg
-Wow, did you see Sarah SIlverman rip Paris Hilton last night? Priceless. Jack Nicholson enjoyed it. I think Paris should write a book and call it, “When Bad Things Happen to Bad People.”

-You guys heard of Gary Webb, the journalist who discovered that the CIA was putting crack in the inner cities who was then discredited and his career ruined by the liberal NY Times and Washington Post? Pretty fascinating stuff.

-Happy birthday Bjorn Borg! Just say his name 5 times and see if you’re smiling. You are.

-That TB guy is gonna be on Larry King Live tonight. He’s the biggest media whore since Bono. Geez, if I knew all it took to be famous was to contract deadly tuberculosis, I would have caught it years ago.