A Happy butt is a clean butt

Britney Spears is asking her fans to help her name her new album. Among the choices are “Integrity” and “Dignity”. Hmmm. A 55 hour marriage in Vegas, a marriage to the worst rapper ever, a divorce via text message, several drunken nights in crotchless panties, several drunken nights with boobs hanging out of dress, a shaved head, and a total meltdown. I’m not sure “Dignity” is necessarily a good word choice here. How about some more realistic choices, for albums, like “Slave 4 Booze” or “Oops…I Married K-Fed”? Anybody else got some good Britney album titles?

The video on this page needs to be seen. You have to notice how happy these people are to have a clean butt. “I don’t know how I lived before Cleanbutt.” The best part is that this is a real product. Safe for Work, but your boss may think you’ve lost your mind.

-Little League game manana. 17th and Christian YMCA. 6 p.m. We’re giving the players the trophies after the game that you guys helped to pay for this week. Thanks again for your help! Hope some of you guys can make it.