Yeah, it was fun

05-15-2007 017 (Custom).jpg
Darren from Devil’s Alley, Ginger and I all had a damn fine day at the ballpark. Got a couple of funny stories to share, but will have to wait till manana so I can come up with these questions for tonight.

As for City vs. City Smackdown, tonight is the last night to earn an automatic invite. You gotta win at Good Dog or Bards. Here are the teams that are in for Smackdown so far:
Young Old and Restles
Satan’s MIinions
Sofa Kingdom
Top team from Rembrandt’s
Steve O.’s team
Team that won Tuesday at O’Neals

And a couple of question marks:
Trivia Art’s team
River of Rocks
Trust Us We Know
The Team that Aways Changes it’s Name
Dork Sided

The Narkotyzing Dysfunktion is the only team that has declined their invite. Speaking of them, I do still have some tix for sale for the $10 all you can bowl all you can drink bowling party that a few of their members are putting on tommorrow night. See me at quizzo tonight if ou wanna buy tix.