Would you throw #756 back?

Barry Bonds is just 11 homers away from the record, and guess where he’s playing in about three weeks? That’s right, the Illadelph. So the question must be asked, “What would you do if you caught Bonds 755th or 756th home run?” Of course the easy answer is keep it and sell it. You’d make a couple hundred thousand, and that would great. But this is baseball, and here is your chance to become a part of baseball lore. If you were the guy who hated Bonds so much that you didn’t want the filthy money that came from that ball and threw it back onto the field, your name would live in baseball infamy forever, and certainly Philadelphia infamy forever. You would go from being some schmuck who was in the right place in the right time to being a national hero. Would anyone give that a thought, or is it all about the Benjamins?