Wild Week of Quizzo

The Kingdom stayed hot, the Jams finally fell, and a new team pulled off an upset at the Black Sheep. But we begin on Monday, with an excellent Wheel of Terrific. Just ask Steve O., who played Jerry Falwell in the latest edition. It was the last ever edition of the Wheel of Terrific, though there are rumors of a Wheel of Terrific reunion. Chip and I will also be appearing in the next Die Actor Die show in June. We’re making a porno.

We kick off quizzo on Tuesday at O’Neals. Playing without pop culture guru Cocktails, the Young, the Old, and the Restless got kicked out of contention in the “First line of famous songs” round. But Dork Sided may be the new team to beat at O’Neals anyway, winning for the second straight week with a 96-75 pasting of Philly Hardcore.

No surprises at the Bards, as the Kingdom won easily, posting a 116-89 win over the Dysfunktion and Omphalaskeptics, missing only one half of one queston. It was their 7th win in their last 8 quizzos, the only loss a one point loss to the Axis of Evil Knieval.

A big upset at the Vous, as the Jams finally lost, ending an incredible 8 game winning streak. The Live Free or Die Harders put up 101 to edge the 1 1/2 Armenians (aka Steve O.), who finished with 99. The Jams finished 3rd with 91. JGT still owes the Live Free or Die Harders $30, as they collected on the bounty. There is talk of a possible bounty on the Kingdom next week. We’ll see.

Another upset at the Sheep. Duane’s World and the Satan’s Minions both struggled with the third round, opening the floor to a couple of new contenders. In the end, 5 Dumb Guys and a Redhead edged Lord, Beer Me Strength, 90-88.

Steve O. was a bridesmaid again Thursday night. He had a full team together this time, but they finished a question short, falling to MAGMA, 99-94.

It wasn’t exactly the Sofa Kingdom, but a team with one of it’s members on it still pulled off a win on Thursday night at the Bards with a 103. $20 extra for first team that beats the Kingdom. Alright, I’m outta here. Have a great holiday!