Week in Review

05-2007 006.jpg
Rough week for Goodtimes, who performed like Britney Spears this week. A scoring snafu at the Bards, a speaking snafu at the Black Sheep, and getting busted with that transvestite hooker and nitrous oxide tank led to a tough week for Philly’s premiere quizmaestro.

We start at O’Neals, where the Young, the Old, and the Restless have proven themselves to be the Robert Horry of quizzo, coming up clutch in the final round every week. Another nail biter at O’Neals, and another YOR win. They held off the Palestra Junkies and Cindy’s First Moustache, 93-89-89. I Got Nothing also finished within one question fo an with an 88.

Only two members of the Sofa Kingdom showed up at a packed Bards on Tuesday, and the result was a good old fashioned ass whooping administered by their arch rivals, the Narkotyzing Dysfunktion. The Funk came away with a 101-100 win over Polar Bears Do Not Have Money, while the Kingdom finished 5th with a 77. Tuesday also marked the return of quizzo legends The Goats, who finished 4th. But the real story was JGT missing a point that the Polar Bears should have gotten in Round Three. But it was partially the Polar Bears fault as well, as JGT would have given them the point had they requested it at any point before the match ended. Once scores have been announced, the match is over, no questions asked.

Nobody claimed the bounty at the Vous on Wednesday, as the Jams held off the Avalon Avengers, 101-93. It was their 6th straight win, and JGT is thinking of offering a bounty again this week. Quite frankly, this juggernaut needs to be stopped.

After months of frustration, the guys of Duane’s World seem to have found their groove, winning for the second week in a row, and edging the Satan’s Minions, 107-105. Lord Beer Me Strength finished 3rd with a 103. JGT fumbled through the instructions for the speed round so badly that finally someone yelled, “Are you high?” (The answer is no. Lately, I’ve had a hard time finding really good…uh, nevermind.)

No MAGMA at the Dawg on Thursday meant an easy win for a team that seems to be primed to take over MAGMA’s spot as the team to beat, 2 1/2 Armenians. The Armenians blew past Happy Birthday Gabs, 110-92, and with 3 wins in 4 weeks I think it’s fair to say that they, not MAGMA, are now the class of the Good Dog.

Sofa Kingdom, desperate to avenge their devastating loss at the Bards earlier in the week, teamed up with some ringers from the Hurtin Bombs to cruise to an easy win at a somewhat quiet Bards on Thursday. Your Mom’s Got Carrot Top in a Leglock finished 2nd.