Sorry I’m late

But I stayed up watching that ulcer inducing Phillies game last night that didn’t end until after 2. A 9-2 lead almost evaporated, as the Giants cut that lead to 9-7 before Alfonseca and Myers shut them down. But this victory exposed several major problems that this team has.
1) Let’s face it, Adam Eaton is exactly what we all thought he was when we got him: a giant waste of money. He is garbage, and gets shelled every time out. An $8 million dollar waste.

2) Charlie Manuel is like George Bush: A seemingly nice guy but a terrible leader. He left Eaton in too long, then, with a two run lead in the 9th and nobody out, he had the catcher steal 2nd! What???? Ruiz was thrown out by 15 feet. It was ugly. I mean, that is beyond stupid. Charlie’s got to go. We are wasting Utley and Howard playing for a guy who should be a bench coach, not a manager.

3) Speaking of Howard, he is in serious trouble. 0-5 with 4 strikeouts which is, in all honesty, probably what my statline would have been if I had played last night. He is killing team and we need to start wondering if we should move him down in the lineup.

On the bright side, we simply are winning because of one man: Jelly Roll. Without Rollins, this team would be 7-18 right now. No kidding. He is, at this point, quite possibly the NL MVP.