Epic meltdown

I have never seen an inning quite like the 9th last night. The Phils score 3 to take an insurmountable lead. And then the meltdown. It was unbelievable. The stupidity of Dobbs going home with the ball. Dobbs felt terrible afterwards. He told Marcus Hayes, “I’m praying I didn’t aid in Brett being out for a long time. I’m sick to my stomach. I want to go over to him, but I can’t even talk to him right now. I’m praying to God he’s going to be OK.” Then with two outs and a one run lead, Jason Werth made an excellent throw home to end the game. Or at least would have ended the game if the Phils had a Little League catcher in the game. But not with Rod Barajas, who decided to stand up and quit guarding the plate, something you often see in T-ball games but not so much in the majors. Barajas should be kicked off the team today. He is a disaster, one of two of the worst free agent acquisitions in the majors this year (the other being Wes Helms). Then, while trying to record the fifth out of the inning, Myers blows his arm out. Incredibly, we won it in the 10th. If it wasn’t for the Myers injury, we could maybe laugh about it. But a couple of questions need to be raised: would a well coached team be making nearly as many stupid decisions as this one seems to make almost every night? And should Myers have pitched yet again with a 4 run lead? I don’t know. There is nothing else for Charlie to go to in the bullpen, and thanks to Gillick not doing anything about a terrible bullpen in the offseason, our season is essentially over if Myers is out more than a couple of weeks.
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