Big Wheel Tonight at Khyber!!!

Big_Wheel_original (Custom).jpg
This is it peeps! For months, you refused to watch this train wreck of a game show. And then, before you had a chance to see what everyone was talking about (in a negative fashion), it went off the air. But now, thanks to the miracle of modern space flight, the Wheel of Terrific will be reappearing at the Khyber for one time only! That’s right, it will be either A) really funny or B) extremely unfunny, in which case you get to see JGT fall on his face. YOU WIN EITHER WAY! Also, the Die Actor Die show will feature comedians John Kensil and Sean Curran, as will Rowan and Hastings, best known for their “My Favorite Bears” rap (moderately unsafe for work. A few cuss words.) And there will be another deconstruction of a 80s music video. It’s at the Khyber tonight at 8 p.m., and only costs $5. In addition, there will be $1 PBRs, $2 Lagers, and $2 Dead Actors. This is gonna be a great show. Hope to see you there!
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