Around the Horn, brought to you by Lucy

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-Bo has been one of my best friends since before we were born. Our moms were friends when they were both pregnant with us. Well, he’s got a baby now named Lucy (above left) who her first birthday on Sunday. It was a great first birthday party. I mean, I had a great first birthday party, but this one was even better. I didn’t have duck cake.

-Last year, I said that Tacconelli’s tied with Tony’s for best pizza in Philly. The accolades haven’t stopped coming. ‘Nelli’s was named best pizza by Glenn Macnow in a recent 610 WIP pizza hunt, and just got a pretty good review from the Philadelphia Weekly.

Charles Nelson Reilly! And Eva Gabor is totally hot. Thanks to Phil for sending this in.

Is the next USFL on it’s way? Let’s hope so.