A Night in Jail

paris hilton mugshot.bmp
Well, it looks like America’s favorite racist drunken whore (sorry Lindsay Lohan) is heading to the clink. And we here at JGT headquarters couldn’t feel worse about it. Fortunately, I’ve heard that being a person of extreme privilege goes over really well in jail.
RELATED: This whole thing has inspired me. Let’s have some fun with words! A shiv (from the Romani word chiv) is a slang term for a sharp or pointed implement used as an improvised knife-like weapon…A related term is shank or shift. While the words are used interchangeably, the difference is that a shank is a type of shiv that is fashioned from the metal shank of a prison-issued boot or shoe. Since inmates were able to fashion effective shivs out of metal shanks, most (if not all) prisons no longer issue footwear with metal shank…Shank is sometimes also used as a verb, meaning “To stab someone, usually with a shiv, multiple times in a quick succession.” (Wikipedia. Photo courtesy of Numbmonkey)