Where’s the best Pizza in Philly?

It’s that time again, people! Last year we reviewed 25 different pizza joints in the area, and had a blast doing so. So let’s do it again. But before we get started, I need to know where to go. I’m gonna go back to my top three from last year (Tony’s, Tacconelli’s, and Mama Palma’s) to see if they are still up to snuff, but I need more spots. Please post below where we should go for pie. And it doesn’t just have to be downtown. The suburbs, Trenton, Camden, anything nearby will work. In fact, I recently read that a small town near Scranton calls itself the pizza capital of the world. Seriously. So there will definitely be a road trip involved here. Gonna kick it off tonight with my folks at Tony’s. Please post any below that you know that I should try. Oh, and if you wanna grab a slice and help me grade ’em, just shoot me an email. Let’s get it on!